A Valentine's Day Prayer for My Boys

This morning was a rare morning - the kind where I woke up before the boys without an alarm reminding me that, if I wanted a shower, my day needed to start before theirs; the kind where I got a few precious moments to sit, relax, and reflect.  God used this lovely Valentine's Day morning to remind me to pray for my sons; to remind me how precious and innocent they are right now (sometimes it's easier to see it when they are fast asleep) and how much I hope for them to stay this way as long as possible.

Today I pray...

That they will personally know the love of their Heavenly Father who will never leave them nor forsake them.

That they will grow up as friends, supporters of one another, and confidants who spur one another on to good deeds.

That they will be men of strength and integrity who are humble enough to admit their weaknesses.

That they will live lives of passion and adventure.

That they will not let fear keep them from being whoever God has called them to be.

And that they too will believe in the power of prayer.

Happy Valentine's Day boys!
I love you.


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