Oh, How Life Has Changed

Josiah turned 6 months old last week.  Oh how times flies!  Unfortunately, he, Dave and I were all sick that day (somehow Eli magically escaped the illness...sigh of relief), so there was no proper celebration of his achievement.  This kid is going to be on the move before I know it and I'm just not ready.  He's already quite the talented little roller.

I feel so blessed to have two amazing little sons who are healthy (most days) and growing and changing at such a rapid rate.

But oh, how life has changed...

In years past (they seem so long ago already!) Dave and I would have had friends over for dinner and watched the Ocars together.  This year I watched them while sitting on the floor, one hand helping the 2 year old put together a wooden train, the other hand helping the 6 month old grab his brother's toy cars that were just out of reach of his chubby little hands.

This morning when I poured myself a bowl of cheerios I also poured some in a small plastic bowl with a picture of a shark on the bottom.  During this seemingly simple and quick process I left the kitchen twice to make sure the 2 year old wasn't on top of the 6 month old who was playing on his mat on the floor in the living room.

Really relaxing nights watching tv with my husband now include something like this:

There is rarely a moment that I get to spend entirely alone in the bathroom.

Oh, and I typed a portion of this with one hand while breastfeeding and watching Max and Ruby on Nick Jr. (in Spanish to top it all off).  My multi-tasking skills have increased exponentially since becoming a mom!

Yes, life has changed.  I wouldn't trade any of it for a different life, but I certainly have my moments where I consider how different things are now.  Here's to many more changes to come...


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