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Summer Highlights - Part 4

Well, my final summer highlight is perhaps a little more shallow, and I am generally not a fashion blogger, but I loved trying out Stitch Fix for the first time, so I wanted to tell you about it.

Before we headed to the US the clothing in my closet that actually fit me properly was getting rather thin.  I had bought very little non-maternity clothing since before I was pregnant with Eli (3 years ago) and it was time for a little update.  So we set aside some money for me to go clothes shopping while we were in the states (it's generally cheaper there).

After reading a couple of other blogs about people who had tried out the personal styling service for women (of all ages), Stitch Fix I decided to use a little of my clothing and birthday budget to try it out for myself.  During my summer clothing shopping I realized that I was constantly gravitating toward blues and stripes and I needed someone else to push me to try something new or my whole closet was going to start to look a bit nautical (which is particularly odd when you live in Mexico City).
See what I''m saying!
How does Stitch Fix work?  
Well, you fill out an online profile with your likes, dislikes, sizes, desires for clothing and/or jewelry and accessories, and preferences for price ranges (as cheap as possible in my case).  Next you schedule a date to receive your "fix."  A stylist goes over your profile and any other info you have provided them (Pinterest boards etc.).  You pay $20 as a styling fee, however this amount goes towards any items you decide to keep and purchase.  They select 5 items and mail them to you in a pretty little aqua and white striped box.  Each item also comes with a little card of recommended ways to wear it.  Once you receive your box you have 3 days to try on all of the items, mix and match them with your own wardrobe, and decide what you would like to keep.  Next you go onto the Stitch Fix site, tell them what you are keeping, give them some info about what you liked and didn't like about each item, and check out.  Once again, the original $20 goes towards anything you decide to keep, plus if you decide to keep all 5 items you get 25% off of your entire order.  Then just put the items you aren't keeping in the provided, prepaid return package, and drop it in the mail. It's that easy!

So, I decided to keep 2 of the five items they sent me.  

First, this Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank by THML.

Here you can see a little more of the detail.

Yes, it's still stripes, but other than that it's totally not something I would have picked off the rack. (I've been a little afraid of the whole high low trend.) It's incredibly comfortable and easy to dress up a bit for a night out or down for a more relaxed day activity.

Next, I kept this Charles Zig-Zag Print Maxi Skirt.

Once again, a close-up for more detail.
I cannot even begin to tell you how soft, comfortable and flowy the fabric is.  It's very colorful, but the pattern is not at all overwhelming to look at, and I already had several tops in my wardrobe that work well with it.  Plus, maxi skirts are great for a busy mom who wants comfort, style, and to not have to worry about bending or sitting down on the floor constantly with two little boys running around.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the other 3 items, but none of them were way out of the ballpark for my expectations.  There was another dressier tank top that was gorgeous and fit well, but was a bit more than I wanted to spend, a necklace that just didn't lay quite right on me and was a bit chunky for my taste, and a dress that just didn't fit quite right.

Will I schedule another fix?
I would love to at some point.  I really had fun with it and feel like I got two new quality items to add to my wardrobe.  Some people do this monthly - wouldn't that be lovely?  However, I'll be waiting a little for two reasons: 1) it's just not in our budget to do this all of the time and 2) they don't ship outside of the U.S., so it's not even possible to get another fix until we're back in the states at Christmas.

So, why  should you try Stitch Fix?
1)  It's super easy.  You don't even have to leave your home.
2) You get to try everything on at home with all of your own clothing - no dressing rooms with awkward lighting, trying to imagine what it would look like with other items in your closet, or having to make a second trip back to the store when it looks totally different in your mirror or you decide a couple days later that it just isn't what you wanted.
3) Who doesn't want a personal stylist to help them figure out what looks good on them or is currently in style.  (They really did take the time to look over the info I provided them and send me things that fit my style, but also pushed me to try something new).
4) If you want, you can tell them to send items particularly for work, a special event, or an upcoming trip.
5) That Pinterest Dream Closet board you created could actually be put to use!
6) New cute clothing!

So, if I have convinced you that Stitch fix is worth a try, would you mind using this link?
If you schedule a fix with this link I'll get $25 dollars towards my next order.  But seriously, I really had so much fun with this that I would share all the info anyway.  And I promise I'm not being compensated otherwise for sharing this info with you.

If you do decide to try this out on your own be aware that you may be put on a waiting list briefly.  It was 2-3 weeks between the time that I filled out my profile and when they emailed to tell me I could schedule my first delivery.

So there it is, a slightly more shallow highlight of my summer.

Back to our regularly scheduled program of summer highlights, and on to the (hopefully) obvious summer highlight - spending time with friends and family. Seriously, what an amazing blessing it was to have 6 whole weeks to relax and spend time with these people.  This is definitely a perk of being a school employee's wife!

First we had 3 weeks in Reno to spend time with my parents, my grandparents (who came to visit for a few days), and the many friends who we came to love so dearly during our 5 years in Reno.  Then, we headed off to the other coast to see Dave's parents, siblings, uncle, a few friends still living in Maryland, and some very generous friends who made the trip to see us while we were closer than usual.  Of particular importance to me was the chance to spend a long weekend in Virginia with five of my closest college girlfriends, who were willing to make their way from 4 different states when I could be there.

It was so good for my heart and soul to be able to spend time fellowshipping with ever single one of these individuals.  I loved watching them love on my kids, was overwhelmed with their generosity of time and resources toward our family, soaked in the conversations, prayer, and laughter, and was just genuinely thankful for each of them all summer long.

Thank you , thank you, thank you everyone!  To those we missed or didn't get to spend as much time with as we had hoped 1) we'll be back, let's find a way to make it happen next time and 2) you are always welcome to come visit us in Mexico...seriously.  We hope to see each of you again soon!