One year ago today, on my 28th birthday, with our car packed to the brim, we set off for the first leg of our journey to Mexico. One year ago today I was full of excitement and trepidation as we began a new stage of life.

It has been a year of adventure, a year of growing, a year of ups and downs.

Today, on my 29th birthday, I'll go to dinner at a traditional Mexican restaurant in the historic center of Mexico City and then attend my first Quincenera (yeah, it randomly falls on my birthday). Today begins the last year of my 20s. Tomorrow it is one month until our second child is due. Tomorrow we will get the keys to our 5th home in not quite 7 years of marriage.

Maybe one day our lives will slow down. Maybe one day we'll settle into a single location. But this isn't that year. This year the adventure continues.


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