19 Months

You are 19 months old now and there are so many things I want to remember about this stage in your precious little life.

You love to dance to any and every type of music and often demand that everyone in the room joins in with you.

High-fives, “knuckles,” and handshakes are all among your favorite activities, but once you start everyone in the room better be ready to receive one (or three or four)."

You are learning to jump, but can't get both feet off of the ground at the same time yet, and the result is adorable!

Your vocabulary is growing rapidly.

You have learned to politely ask for things with “please,” although you still have your moments where you think a good yell will be more effective.

The only word you seem to be able to manage to make the “k” sound in so far is “Duckie” (who is definitely one of your favorite stuffed animals).  Otherwise you replace the sound or just leave it out, leaving us with words like “tootie” (cookie) and “blos” (blocks).

You have three Spanish words so far “si”, “agua”, and “gracias” (although the last one is pretty infrequent at this point.

You love to make animal sounds.  Every dog or picture of a dog we see illicits a good long round of “woof, woofs”.  My favorite animal sound you make so far is the lion, as it is almost silent, but very dramatic with your wide open mouth.

You adore the alphabet song and love to sing along, although you really just make random sounds somewhat to the tune.

Currently your favorite foods are green grapes, bananas, and hamburgers.

After several months of holding out with just 8 teeth you are finally getting your next set.  Although, this made for a rather cranky evening yesterday we are very excited about your increased chewing potential.

You are starting to get excited about vehicles and love the “vroom, vroom” of the car and “choo, choo” of the train.

You are in love with “Dora the Explorer,” which is on almost 24/7 here.  If you do manage to figure out the remote, as you have been trying to, we may have a serious issue on our hands.

You love Elmo and refer to him as "Melmo".

You have a new found love of “helping” Mommy and Daddy with chores.  If I’m putting laundry in the washer or putting the clean items away, you want to give me each item from the basket or try to shove them in the drawers yourself (occasionally this means that I find my shoes in random drawers as well).  If I’m putting groceries in the cart, you want each item to go through your hands first.  If we’re vacuuming, you want to be right there helping to push the vacuum along.  If we’re walking Tucker, you want to hold the leash all by yourself (this pretty much results in Tucker walking you instead).

You love to give kisses and sometimes it seems that the bedtime kisses will never stop once they start.  That’s okay though, Mommy and Daddy are embracing this precious stage.

You are such a joy, little man.  Thanks for making our lives more complete!


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