I Used to Love Fireworks

About three weeks ago we moved into a new place here in Mexico City.  With another little boy on the way we wanted to upgrade to three bedrooms and something with some outdoor space for Eli to get out and play.  After lots of calls and going to see a few places we found just what we were looking for about a five minute drive from our previous apartment.  We have settled in easily and so far we are loving the extra space and Eli is loving the shared yard in front of our house and playground right inside our complex.  Also, our five minute move away from the main roads has made us feel like we are in more "real" Mexican neighborhood.  We are now in walking distance from the main square of our little area of the city, there are cobblestone streets, and lots of little family owned places to explore.  We have really enjoyed walking around and getting to know our new neighborhood.

Within that main square area is the local Catholic parish and they have been in all out party mode for the last week in celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.  The fair starts just a block from our house and wraps around down to the church.  I have nothing against fairs and we have taken the opportunity to go over and explore, enjoy the food, and let Eli get a pony ride, however it's the fireworks/firecrackers that get to be a bit much.  For the last week there has been an incessant "bang, bang" (as Eli calls it) going on at random times anywhere between 6am and 10pm.  At times there has been constant noise for up to 45 minutes straight and the majority of the time we just get the noise without any of the pretty lights in the sky.

Somehow Eli has developed an immunity to them and manages to sleep right through all the noise.  What a blessing!  However, our dog has been on edge constantly and none of us can manage to sleep through his barking when he really gets going.  Sorry neighbors...maybe he'll get used it at some point.

All of this to say, the fair ended last night and I will be perfectly happy if I do not hear any more fireworks for quite some time!

In doing a little internet research on the celebration and the local church I came across this You Tube video that someone took of the church and a bit of our neighborhood.  I thought you might enjoy getting a little picture of where we live:

P.S. Still no new baby.  We're still waiting, and yes, getting a bit impatient.  Maybe he'll be timely and arrive tomorrow on his due date!


  • Philip Kirkland | September 7, 2012 at 11:19 AM

    How I sympathize with you!!! I absolutely HATE this aspect of Mexican life. As much of this is connected to church celebrations, I see a great hipocrasy here. These people are NOT Christians. Good Christians would respect the peace of others...and just as I am writing, the noise has started again!

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