To My Second Son

To my second son,

Sorry, we have not decided on your name yet, so I cannot address this to you more specifically.   You are expected to arrive 3 months from today (however, your big brother had no desire to arrive in a timely fashion, so I will not hold it against you if you follow in his footsteps).  Time has flown by since we first found out that you were joining us.  We are very excited to meet you, to see your sweet face, to know the touch of your skin, the color of your eyes, the warmth of your smile, and to gradually discover your precious personality.

I admit I am a little intimidated at the thought of raising two boys, two kids in general really.  I grew up as an only child, so sibling interactions are not exactly my specialty.  However, you are a precious gift to this family and I know that, somehow, God will prepare me for all that is ahead of me.  Please be patient with me, as I am sure there will be a bit of a learning curve.

Your big brother is just starting to get the idea that something is happening in Mommy’s tummy.  He saw you at my last ultrasound and was not quite sure what to make of the whole thing.  He’s probably going to be a little jealous of all the time and attention you get for a while, but it is my prayer that the two of you will come to be good friends.  He’ll have lots of lessons to help teach you and he’s very good at giving hugs and kisses.  We will continue to work on making sure they are gentle enough for you.

Most importantly you need to know that your Mommy and Daddy love you so much already and are looking forward to your arrival. 



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