Mommy Badges

It’s been quiet on the blog lately because I have been busy earning my Mommy Badges over the last week.  

What are Mommy Badges ?”, you ask.

Mommy Badges are earned for those moments when being a mom gets a bit harder.  These are the moments when it’s not such a glamorous job, but still somehow incredibly fulfilling, because you know that you are needed.

I earned a badge on Tuesday night when Eli started vomiting just before bed time.  We continued the process until about 1am with a poor whimpering child, cleaning walls and floors, completing three loads of laundry, and a very early morning shower for both Daddy and son.  Daddy definitely earned his badge that night as well.

Another badge came Thursday and Friday when Eli’s school called to say that he had a rash and needed to be picked up.  That rash grew into hives which continued to spread throughout his entire body through Friday morning.  Although he was incredibly good spirits the whole time he kept Mommy and Daddy pretty worried for about 24 hours. 

Apparently my sweet little boy was allergic to something he ingested (now we are in the exciting process of trying to figure out what).   Eli’s pediatrician assured Daddy that our perfect little boy who seemed to be covered in one giant red blotch would be handsome again.   He was right.  Thanks to an antihistamine he seemed miraculously cured by the next morning. 

Am I glad my little boy had to go through these things?  Of course not, but I know that this is an important part of being a parent.  It’s the loving and supporting in the midst of sickness, unpleasant smells, laundry, the unknown, and the worrisome - the not so glamorous moments.  I know that there are many more to come – the kind that are harder and last longer.

There’s something beautiful in the midst of it all.  Something wonderful about being needed, about providing love, about being a parent, and about growing, learning, and being stretched alongside your child.

Well, I’ve got to run.  Eli just somehow managed to get yogurt in his eye.  Not a badge-worthy moment - just another moment in the life of the mom of a toddler.


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