Favorite Things Friday: Toddler Headphones

As previously mentioned we have come to to view our new iPad as a bit of a one stop toddler entertainment shop.  Please do not judge my parenting.  I assure you that my child is not sitting around with the iPad for hours a day rather than being active.  It is, however, occasionally nice to have him happily sit still for a bit.

The wonderful apps I mentioned previously definitely came in handy our on recent trip to San Diego (see yesterday's post).  However, we realized that headphones were a must have when using the iPad on the plane and the standard ear buds that we are used to using just don't work for our little guy.  So while we were in the U.S. we made a quick stop by Target to check out the kids headphone selection (and a few other things).

We have been very happy with our purchase of Philips headband headphones designed for kids (I assure you I'm not receiving any sort of compensation from Philips or anyone else for promoting these).  They have comfy, cushy fabric ear pieces that can't be torn apart (like the foam or rubber variety), a super flexible headband that he can get on and off himself, and are made all in one piece so there's no chance of losing something.  Plus they come with a lockable volume control so Eli can't turn them up crazy loud.  They do say that they are made for ages 4 and up, but they fit Eli just fine with room to grow (I admit, he had a slightly larger than average head for his age).  We purchased the blue variety.  There is a bright pink version that my 23 month old niece has been in love with as well.  Plus, at under $20 you won't break the bank purchasing headphones for a toddler.  If you are in need of a set of headphones for your little guy or girl I highly recommend these.

As I said, we purchased ours at Target, but I've also found them online at Amazon, Best Buy, and Sears.

Have you found any other must have items for plane rides with your toddler?  We have another long plane trip coming up in a little over a month and I would love to have some additional ideas to keep Eli entertained.


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