My Morning

Per our usual Tuesday morning routine, this morning I got myself up and ready for the day, got  Eli up at 7:30am, got him breakfast and dressed, prepared his lunch, and then walked the block and half to drop him off at preschool.  This morning I even got to say hello to my niece who was being dropped off at school by her nanny at the same time.

I followed this with a three block walk in the opposite direction to the local medical lab to get some standard pregnancy lab work done.  Who doesn’t love getting lab work done early in the morning?

As a side note: Of all the Spanish words I have learned so far, for an English speaker, molestar (to disturb or irritate) is definitely the most disturbing, especially when used by a lab technician.

From there I walked to the local fruit stand to pick up some mangoes and bananas.  Then I headed off to the bakery to pick up a fresh loaf of bread to go with dinner this evening and a danish for me, because it is my opinion that anyone who allows themselves to be poked and prodded in a lab by a stranger before 8:30am deserves a treat. 

Anyway, I completed all these tasks and was back in my apartment by 9am.   I don’t think I will ever again live in a place where it is possible to so easily get all of these tasks done on foot.  Mexico treated me well this morning.

Unfortunately, this is where things went downhill and I can no way blame it on Mexico, instead I’m going to go with the pregnancy brain excuse.  When I got home from my morning errands I took our dog out and managed to leave my keys on the kitchen counter.   The front door to our apartment automatically locks behind you. 

Nonetheless, all was not lost.  We gave my brother-in-law a copy of our keys for just such a time.   I called him up, found out where the keys were stored (this included a list of 3 places they “might” possibly be) and walked the two blocks to their house praying that their nanny was still there to let me in to search for them.  Success!  I was still back in my apartment by 9:30am ready to start the day.

We’ll see what the rest of the day has in store for me…


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