In Sickness and In Health

I know it's been kind of quiet around here. The death of my computer was followed by Dave's spring break ( yea, for being married to a teacher who gets a week of spring break!), this brought the inlaws down to visit and several fun adventures (more on that later), and then a full week of a horrible cold and now a throat infection for me (yuck). However, this downward turn has reminded me of some of the things I have to be thankful for here in Mexico.

Many people have asked me if the medical care here is up to the U.S. levels and so far I have to say that the answer is a resounding YES. We have been well taken care of by all of the doctors we have seen so far. It's standard practice here for doctors to give you their cell number so that you can get a hold of them any time. When I called my OB on her cell yesterday she immediately made a referral to a general practitioner and gave me her cell number. I called her and she got me in the same day, and even apologized that it wouldn't be for two and a half hours. When I got to the office (which yes, was a little far away - it's a big city after all) there was no wait, and the doctor had already spoken with my OB. It was a great experience and we have had similarly uncomplicated ones when taking Eli to his pediatrician (who we love).

No, we are not among the nation's poorer classes who cannot afford the private doctors we have seen, but we have also used the government run medical system (IMSS) for Eli's vaccines and had positive experiences there as well. As the U.S. contemplates major changes in their own medical system I'm becoming more and more inclined to think that a socialized system with the option for privatized medical care isn't so bad.

But away from the political. That's not really my forte.

The truth is I have been blessed, not only by great medical care, but by an amazing family. In the midst of Mommy being sick, and therefore less energetic than usual, Eli has done his part by being his usual happy, easy-tempered self and taking good naps to give Mommy a break when needed. I'm so blessed by the joy that kid brings into my life. And Dave, despite not feeling great himself, has stepped up over and over again to help take care of Eli and I.  I love that man so much!

More on our spring break adventures next time. For now here's a shot of me pre-sickness at 20 weeks pregnant on top of the Great Pyramid of Cholula.


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