Favorite Things Friday: Toddler Apps

It's time for a new addition to the blog: Favorite Things Fridays! Excited yet? Ok, I know it's not a new invention in the blog world, but I wanted to take the opportunity to share a few of my favorite things and let you share some of yours as well. Expect variety: kid items and activities, recipes, various products, etc.

This week I'm sharing my 5 favorite apps to keep a toddler entertained with the IPad.  Our IPad is definitely our new favorite toy for the whole family.  So in no particular order, here they are:

  1. Pi'ikea Interactive Alphabet - ABC Flash Cards - $2.99 - This is a fun app for helping your toddler learn the alphabet. Each letter has its own interactive activity and teaches your child to not only recognize the letters but the sound each letter makes.
  2. Sound Touch Lite - FREE! - This app has numerous cartoon pictures of animals and other items.  When you click on each picture a photo of the item appears along with the sound the item makes.  Clicking on the picture multiple times provides a variety of photos of the same item along with variations in sounds.  Eli loves to click on the pictures and imitate the sounds. So far we have only loaded the free version of this app and Eli has been perfectly happy with it.  I thinking we'll load the full app before our next plane ride.
  3. Lego Duplo Jams - FREE! - This fun app has 5 different Duplo themed activities each with its own theme music (Jam).  Eli's favorite is the Barnyard Serenade, which includes a matching card game.  I'm not sure whether this one would keep older toddlers entertained, but at 18 months Eli is perfectly happy with it.
  4. Garage Band - $4.99 - No, it's not actually an app designed for toddlers, but Eli loves playing "music", particularly on the acoustic guitar option.  Plus, it's much easier on Mommy and Daddy's ears than our musical instrument toys.
  5. You Tube Sesame Street Videos - FREE! - Ok, this isn't actually an app at all, but honestly I haven't found anything to beat the entertainment value of all of the Sesame Street videos available on You Tube.  Eli lights up when they come on and now loves to choose which video will play next himself.

Ok, so those are our favorites, and three out of the 5 were free!

Have you found other apps to keep your toddler entertained?  Please share!

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