Ode to the Corner Store

Here's a shot of our corner store.
Ironically, it is named FarMart.

Dave and I first came to love having a corner store when we lived in Brooklyn, NY right after getting married.  If you know Dave well, you have probably heard him sing it’s praises at some point.  In New York we came to love the corner store because it was, in fact, right there on the corner - a brilliant realization, right? But seriously, it was great to walk home from the subway after work and be able to grab those last couple of ingredients you needed for dinner on the way.  Or, let’s say you’re making cookies for a get together right after work the next day and realize you’re one egg short and it’s 10pm.  No problem!  The corner is just a 2 minute walk away. Added bonus: in New York, most corner stores make killer sandwiches.

Now, the Mexican corner store doesn’t make sandwiches, but let me tell you about its many wonderful attributes:

1)      Once again, it’s on the corner, just a two minute walk away.  Who doesn’t love convenience?
2)      They deliver! I don’t even have to walk those 2 minutes. I can just call them up and order just what I want (if I can manage to clearly get it across in Spanish).
3)      Not only can I get eggs there, but I can get exactly the number I need.  I’m no longer required to buy them in multiples of 6.  What freedom!
4)      It’s a pharmacy too.  As long as I know exactly what drug I need and the strength I can just order it over the counter for human or animal alike.  (I assure you I’m not doing this without first actually seeing a doctor or veterinarian.)
5)      Directly next door to our corner store is a fabulous little taco stand with 2 for 1 tacos al pastor on Wednesdays.  Perfecto!

So, I’m still not sure I’m a big city girl, but I love some of the conveniences big city life has to offer.  If you have a corner store and haven’t yet taken full advantage of all it has to offer…it’s time.


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