Bitten by the Baking Bug

Sorry for the cutesy title, but alliteration just seems to trip off my tongue these days as we work on language development with Eli.

I’ve had a growing urge to bake since we moved here.  I think this urge came from the fact that I simply couldn’t bake because I couldn’t find all the ingredients I needed at first. (I see the same urge in Eli when I tell him he can’t touch the tv remote – suddenly it’s the best toy in the house.)  So, I finally found baking powder and baking soda in Mexico and I was ready to realize my baking dreams - and then I realized why Mexicans don’t bake. 

You see my oven is a little old school.  I have to actually light it with a lighter each time I want to use it, plus there’s no actual temperature setting.  The labels on the knob read: Apag (Off), Asar (Broil), Hornear (Bake), Precal (Preheat) – which is useful, but not ideal. And yes, I realize there is a nifty little gadget called an oven thermometer, but if I bought one here it would be in Celsius and I just don’t feel like constantly calculating back and forth between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Luckily my lovely momma will be bringing me an American oven thermometer in a couple weeks.

Until then I’m working on mastering the art of baking with my old school oven and the added bonus of the high altitude (7000+ ft.).  Here are some of the yummy things we’ve enjoyed so far: lemon yogurt cake, banana nut muffins, and apple cinnamon pancakes.  Delicious!  Next I think I’m going to have to try this glazed apple cinnamon bread.  The apple cinnamon pancakes and glazed apple cinnamon bread are from  Megan lived a couple doors down from me my freshman year of college and although I didn’t get to enjoy her culinary creations back then I’m now a big fan of her site.  Even if you’re not into cooking, you should check it out just to see the pictures of her food.  She’ll have you drooling in no time!

Meanwhile, I’ll be here working on perfecting my baking and expanding our wastlines.


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