Sleepless in Mexico City

Well, we made it Mexico City yesterday evening without a hitch and today we enjoyed a fairly relaxing Sunday.  I say fairly because we have all been pretty exhausted today.  Eli's sleep schedule has been off for quite some time now and last night was the worst night yet.  I can't blame him though.  In the last 6 weeks we have slept in 12 different homes/hotels in 7 states and 2 different countries in 3 different time zones.  Despite it all he's still one of the happiest kids I know.  We've been blessed.

In all of our moving around we have been shown more hospitality than I could begin to tell you.  Thank you to everyone who has taken us in to your home over the past several weeks.  We're currently staying with Dave's brother and his wife, and although we're very comfortable and so thankful to them we're ready to have a place we can call our own.  Four adults, two small children, and two dogs in one small house can be a bit overwhelming at times.  Please continue to pray that we find someone to rent our condo back in Reno.  Until that happens we'll be staying here while we send a big chunk of our income back to the states.

And finally, the first installment of "Things I'm adjusting to in Mexico City":
1 - Speed bumps that aren't marked at all
2 - Getting my toilet paper on the way into and often paying for public restrooms
3 - Not flushing toilet paper
4 - Roosters crowing on the neighbor's roof
5 - The trash collectors ringing a cowbell when they come to collect the garbage (there's no set schedule)

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us - more to come...


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