Great News!

Our condo has been rented! We're so happy that the stress of waiting is over.  Thanks for your prayers.

And in other good news - we found an apartment to rent.  We'll be putting a deposit down on it today.  It's just a five minute walk from where we're currently staying in a fairly new and large apartment complex.  My favorite feature?  The great walk-in closet in the master bedroom with tons of built-in drawers and shelves.  With a husband, son, and a male dog I have to make sure to keep a few girly favorites:)  Besides we weren't able to bring much with us, so although I don't have much furniture to fill up the apartment I at least have clothes to keep in the closet.

On Tuesday we took a brief break from city life and visited a nearby ecological park.  It was great to get away from the crowded streets and enjoy a little bit of nature.  It's hard to believe the park is surrounded by such a huge city.  I have a feeling Eli and I will be stopping by occasionally to take a walk and spend some time in the grass.


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