Middle of the Night "Mommy!... Daddy!" Calls

So unlike Abby I am on the once a year blog post plan :)

As I'm sure many of you know first hand, having small kids in the house often means waking up in the middle of the night.  We have been blessed with a three month old who rarely sleeps less than 9 hours a night... but recently our 2 year old has been a different story.  Multiple times a week Eli has been waking up in the middle of the night crying or calling out "Mommy!... Daddy!".  Bad dreams... he wants water... his diaper is wet... he can't find his blanket... the reasons vary.  Hopefully this is a phase he will grow out of soon :)

Last night we got a baby sitter for the first time since Josiah's birth.  Despite the language barrier, Netty was great.  She took meticulous notes on when the boys should eat, get milk, go to bed, etc.  She handled Eli without breaking a sweat and seemed right at home with Josiah.  She was well versed at making bottles and changing diapers.  We felt great about leaving our boys with her and enjoying a night out (Happy birthday Lauren!).

Like most baby sitters, nannies, and maids here in Mexico City... Netty lives in a much less nice part of town than the people she works for.  Public transportation doesn't go to her neighborhood after 10, so she asked if she could stay at our house last night.   She slept in our extra bedroom and was out the door before the rest of us got out of bed this morning.  Once again, totally normal here in D.F.

So... last night when Eli had his 2am "Mommy!... Daddy!" call Netty ran into his room, comforted him, and helped him fall back to sleep.  I barely woke up and Abby missed the whole thing.  I definitely appreciated the chance to get a little more sleep... but this morning I've been thinking.  Abby and I currently live in a culture where it is very common for middle class families to have live in nannies.  Have you seen "The Help"?...  this cultural dynamic is still very normal here.  I wonder how many parents never get to comfort their scared 2 year old at 2am.  I wonder how many working dads relinquish all of these moments to the moms.  Eli generally wants hugs and kisses and to be told everything is all right.  Somehow I make everything all right.  And then he says "love you" and goes back to sleep.

Maybe I don't want Eli to totally grow out of this phase so soon.


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