Favorite Things Friday: Breakfast for Dinner

I admit it, we have a slight breakfast for dinner obsession in our household.  Our standard “I don’t know what I want to make for dinner”/”I don’t really feel like cooking dinner” meals include pancakes and waffles.  We’ve also been known to have scrambled eggs and bacon and on a really desperate night, oatmeal. 

Just this past Monday evening we managed to convince some friends who were having a potluck dinner party to make it a breakfast for dinner party.  Our Mexican/American fare included fruit, waffles, Tortilla Espaňola and Chilaquiles.  It was delicious!  I have to say that, although I occasionally miss the standard American diner breakfast, I have really come to embrace Mexican breakfast foods.  Chilaquiles and tamales are my favorites!

Here are links to a few of our favorite pancake recipes.  We like to mix things up and at least pretend like we’re eating something a little healthier than the standard pancake.

  1. Apple Cinnamon Pancakes – I love anything with cinnamon and who doesn’t love the flavor of fresh baked apples?  I first made these for  Dave’s birthday breakfast this last year, and they were definitely a big hit all around.
  2.  Brown Sugar Oatmeal Pancakes – These come out thicker than the average pancake and are probably the healthiest recipe of the bunch.  The brown sugar adds just the right amount of sweetness – you don’t even necessarily need syrup.
  3. Lemon Pikelets  -  Pikelets are a small pancake found in Austrailia and New Zealand (basically the equivalent of the American silver dollar pancake).  These little guys are filled with lemony goodness and served with a touch of sugar and lemon juice rather than the classic accoutrements.   The recipe calls for caster or icing sugar, but I have found that standard white sugar works just fine.

Do you have a favorite breakfast recipe you would be willing to share?


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