Secadora is the Spanish word for dryer. 

We have a dryer!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to have a new appliance.  Eight months of hanging clothes on the line will do that to you.  Yes, I had my time of fun in the sun and reflecting on the joys of a simpler life.  However, I am fully willing to give that up in lieu of having warm dry clothes within an hour (rather than room temperature dry clothes in 24 hours or more), towels that are soft rather than crunchy, and my husband no longer sporting the teenaged boy saggy pants look (the slightly stretched out concept has been on my side with my gradually expanding pregnant belly). 

For the next few days I imagine our house will be a frenzy of laundering pleasure.  Not to worry though, I’m sure it will quickly die down, after all laundry is still a chore (even when there’s a dryer involved).

For now I’m basking in warm tumbled bliss.

Now if only we could get a laundry folding machine...


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