Why do I write this blog?

I have asked myself this question many times.  Every instructional piece I’ve read on blog writing states that in order to have a successful blog you must know your purpose and your intended audience.


I write this blog to share with friends and family who do not live here in Mexico about what is currently happening in my life (and show off a few cute pictures of Eli). 

I write it to keep my mind active and share my general thoughts on life, parenting, and faith.

I write it largely because life in Mexico has been a bit lonely and I feel like this is just one more way to use social media to somehow feel connected with the rest of the world.

None of these are the clear, concise mission statement or specific audience the blog-writing experts tell me I should have.  I’m not there yet.  Maybe one day I’ll sit down and actually pen a mission statement and make sure that every entry on my blog fits my stated purpose from then on, but for now you’re stuck with whatever I come up with from day to day.

However, as I was pondering this question I came across the following quote in Eugene Peterson’s autobiography, The Pastor: A Memoir

“All language, all true language, is not so much communication, getting something said accurately and persuasively, adding to the information and knowledge that can be put in a library.  True language has to do with communion, establishing a relationship that makes for life: love, and faith and hope, forgiveness and salvation and justice.  True language requires both tongue and ear.” (pg. 243)

I’m still pondering this.  How do I create true language in a blog?  Is it possible to actually establish “a relationship that makes for life” through short entries read on a screen?  Probably not, if this is all the relationship consists of…so this brings me back to the same question….why blog?

I’ll keep pondering this.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of Eli pondering as well:


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