Dear Eli,

Dear Eli,

In a few short months you are going to be a big brother.  I’m not going lie, your life is going to change pretty drastically.  You will not have nearly as much one-on-one time with me and Daddy.  However, this in no way means we love you any less.  In fact, the amount of love we have for you will never decrease - I have a feeling it’s only going to continue to grow. 

For the past 14 months you have been an amazing delight.  We continually thank God for the blessing you are in our lives.  You are an astoundingly happy little boy with an infectious smile.  We are enamored with your thirst to learn and experience new things, and we pray that you keep that thirst throughout your life.  You’re already an adventurer who fears almost nothing (sometimes I wish you had just a little more fear as you dive off the couch headfirst or shove your hand inside the dog’s mouth).  I know that you can take on this next challenge with the same gusto.

I am looking forward to seeing you learn to be a big brother with the sweet, adventurous spirit that has made you such a joy already.  More than one person has said that our next child has a lot to live up to, and they are right, you have set the bar high. 

In the short time you have been alive you have already experienced drastic changes to your little world.  You have traveled and moved from place to place like a champ.  You make each new person you meet your friend in practically no time.  You have adjusted to this new life in Mexico more seamlessly than the rest of us, and for that we are so thankful.  Yes, your life is going to go through another drastic change in just a few months and you’re probably not going to like all of the changes, but I am confident that you can handle it.  I am confident that you are going to be an amazing big brother.

Thank you for all the ways you have blessed us already, sweet boy.  Thank you for making being your mother such a joy.



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