Artwork, Peacocks, and Hairless Dogs. Oh my!

Peacock Mating Rituals

A few days ago we finally took the opportunity to visit ElMuseo Dolores Olmedo.  The museum is just 10 minutes from our house, on the southern outskirts of Mexico City in Xochimilco.  I’m so glad we finally visited!  The museum is housed in a beautiful stone structure built in the 16th century and surrounded by an expansive lawn and garden area.

Eli Chasing the Peacocks
Yes, it houses famous pieces of art by Frieda Khalo, Diego Rivera, and various other Mexican artists, but it was actually the grounds and their inhabitants which made the trip completely worth it for us.   Throughout the lawn 15 to 20 peacocks roam alongside, geese, some of ugliest chickens I have ever seen, and Xoloitzcuintle or Xolo (Mexican hairless dogs).  The male peacocks show off their plumage and dance about for the seemingly unimpressed females.  The geese honk and flutter around the pond.  The chickens chased Dave around as he pushed Eli in the stroller (seriously, one of the guards finally had to block one of them so that we could leave – unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of this).  And the Xolo lie around and pose among the Xolo statues (it’s hard to tell which ones are actually dogs and which are statues.
Xolo and Statue

At 5 pesos a person (less than 50 cents) and free entrance for the kids the visit was definitely worth it.  I definitely recommend a trip to El Museo Dolores Olmedo if you are ever in the area.  We’ll be happy to take you…


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