Sorry for the blogging delay.  I needed a little break. 

In two days we will head back to the United States for the first time in over 5 months.  There are so many things I am looking forward to – seeing friends and family, being able to fully converse with everyone around me, filling my belly with way too many cookies and various other American food offerings, the list goes on….

But for those who will actually have to get to see me in person I have a few warnings.  Some parts of Mexican life have become second nature.  Please don’t be surprised if I do any of the following:

1)      Greet every person I pass on the street with good morning, good afternoon, or good evening (probably in Spanish).
2)      Enter a room and greet each and every person before sitting down or stopping to have a full conversation (and also when leaving).
3)      Give you a kiss on the cheek when I greet you or say goodbye.  I assure you that I am not hitting on you.  It is simply the Mexican way.
4)      Feel the need to search for something for toilet paper and some change to pay the attendant before entering a public restroom. 
5)      Throw my toilet paper away in the trashcan rather than flushing it in a public restroom (although, unless you are stalking me, I’m not sure how you’ll know about this one).
6)      Expect there be someone to help me park in any given parking lot.
7)      Tip the bagger at a store or anyone helping out in the parking lot.
8)      Drive as if everyone on the road is out to get me and treat general traffic laws as somewhat optional (don’t worry, I’m going to really work at keeping this to a minimum).
9)      Try to light your stove or oven with a lighter.
10)  At any point reply to something you have said in broken Spanish.

That’s right, 2 days until we’re in Maryland and 11 days until we’re in Nevada.  Now you too can count down the days until you get to see these smiling faces.


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