Today I'm missing...

salty snack foods.

Yes, they exist here in Mexico, but not in the same variety they do in the U.S..  Yes, this is probably to the benefit of my health, but that doesn't make the current craving go away.

Here are my top five favorites (in no particular order) that I can't find here:

1.  Wheat Thins
2.  Rold Gold Honey Wheat Braided Twists Pretzels
3.  Pop Secret Homestyle Popcorn
4.  Utz Salt and Vinegar or Carolina BBQ Potato Chips (Although I couldn't get these on the west coast of the U.S. either)

and for the salty + sweet bonus...

5.  Take 5 Candy Bars

So, if anyone has an overwhelming urge to spend a lot of money on shipping you can feel free to send any of these items my way! Or, if you happen to have a recipe that might help my craving subside that would be greatly appreciated as well!


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