Gettin' Crafy

I admit it, I have a new addiction to Pinterest.  Unfamiliar with Pinterest?  It's an online pinboard to collect the things you find online and share them with others- decorating projects, DIY craft ideas, recipes, wedding and party ideas, Christmas wish lists, you name it.  Basically it's just one more online social network to suck up your time.  But I've actually found some useful ideas and tasty recipes there.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was looking at some home decorating ideas and showed Dave a picture of a bed with a headboard made out of old shutters.  We commented that it would be fun to try, but we would never actually find any old shutters to try it with in Mexico.  One week later, I came home from the grocery store and tada someone had left an old set of shutters by the garbage.  We're not known to be crafty people, but we grabbed them up, made a trip to Home Depot (yeah, we have those here too) for paint, and went to work.

I think the results turned out pretty nicely.  There's still plenty of decorating work to be done, but it's starting to look a bit more homey around here.


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