A Freshman All Over Again

The International IB school expat world – it’s a unique slice of life.  It’s like college all over again.  I moved to a new place.  Lots of other people moved to a new place at the same time – from all over the world.  We’re the freshman, the newcomers trying to figure it all out.  We’re committed to be here for two years.  Some will stay longer and some will decide that it’s not the right place for them before their two years are up.  There are those who have been here a while, the upper classmen if you will.  They know the best places to eat, they know where to shop and how to get your laundry done.  Some of them have lost a little of the spark – the excitement for the new adventure. It’s no longer a new stage of life for them.  But the freshmen are constantly trying to make connections and build a community for themselves.  There are dinners together, ultimate Frisbee games, weekend trips and holiday celebrations.  All with the same vision – to connect with others and make this new place home.

I’m a freshman by association, because I’m married to a teacher.  I’m in the same boat of trying to build a community – a place of connection in a foreign land.  It’s learning about new people and letting them learn about me.  It’s being open and vulnerable.  It’s what building friendships is all about.  It’s part of the adventure.  


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