The Adventure Begins!

Now that we're headed off to another country I decided it's time to resurrect the blog again. We've been on the road with our car crammed full for 5 days now. Here we are just before we left Reno:

So here's a brief run down of the trip so far:

Day 1 - We drove from Reno to Boulder City, NV and stopped very briefly in Las Vegas to see the water show at the Bellagio.

Day 2 - We headed to Flagstaff, AZ and managed to make it to the Grand Canyon in time for the sunset.

Day 3 - We drove to Albuquerque, NM and visited with the wonderful Dodrill family. It was great for Eli to have a chance to crawl and around and for Dave and I to enjoy a home cooked meal and catch up with the Dodrills, who are friends of Dave's family from MD.

Day 4 - We drove 11 hours from Albuquerque to Granbury, TX - our longest day on the trip. The only mishap was Dave leaving his I pod on top of the car when we stopped for lunch. It flew off the top at about 40 miles an hour, but was miraculously unharmed when Dave picked it up out of the middle of the road. We'll now be loyal customers of Speck cases.

Eli has become somewhat nocturnal at this point, so he was great in the car, but stayed up pretty late that night after sleeping so much.

Day 5 - We visited with my Dad's parents in Granbury, went out for a delicious Italian meal with them and then headed to Dallas to visit my mom's parents.

Today we're enjoying relaxing in Dallas and looking forward to dinner with the extended family tonight. We'll be here enjoying some much needed rest until Thursday morning when we make the drive down to Loredo, TX.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our trip. So far we have had a very successful and enjoyable journey.


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