Catching Up

So we're not the best at keeping up with this, but here's a little update:

Over Christmas Eli saw LOTS of family including 4 great grandparents, 4 grandparents, 1 great great aunt, 2 great aunts, 3 aunts, 2 great uncles, 1 uncle, 1 first cousin, 5 first cousins once removed, and 2 second cousins once removed (I think).  The whole cousin thing gets a bit confusing.

I've including a couple pictures of the many reunions.

Eli is now 2 months old and definitely thriving.  He's at 60% for height and 80% for weight for his age.  Needless to say he's pleasantly plump!  I haven't seen a growth chart for foot size, but I'm pretty sure he would be off the chart, as he's already maxing out the 6 month socks.


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