One year ago today I was frantically trying to prepare thanksgiving dinner on my own for the first time.  My mom had her second major neck surgery just a few weeks prior and the duty to prepare the meal fell on me.  Needless to say I was a bit stressed about getting everything just right.

Two years ago tomorrow Dave and I made the decision that we were ready to start a family.

One year ago yesterday I spent the afternoon in the hospital to get a procedure done that would hopefully determine why Dave and I had been unable to get pregnant over the previous year.  The procedure was unsuccessful and therefore inconclusive.  We had no answers.

One year ago today I spent part of my morning sitting on the floor of our laundry room crying, wishing for answers, and struggling to be thankful.

Today I am incredibly thankful.  I am thankful for my beautiful, healthy son who was born just 18 days ago.  I am thankful for the family and friends I am surrounded with on this holiday and so many other days.  I am thankful for the prayers and support of so many over the last two years.

Today I have no reason to be anything, but thankful.


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